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  • Hello,

    I have a sporadic deadlock problem with a COM component dll.
    The interesting thing is that it  is, that the freeze only appears in my new version of the client application. The same component still works well in the old client version.

    The component is an STA (threadingmodel="apartment"). Setting it to "free" solves the problem but the component is not threadsafe then any more. So we may not do this. 

    Concerning the client, it is certain that the following things haven't changed:

    - apartment model (OleInitialize() is used)
    - class context of com object
    - calling thread (STA main thread)
    - used microsoft DLL versions

    I would be really grateful if anybody had an idea what else may causes the sporadic freezing of the COM component. Many thanks in advance. 

    Best regards,

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  • Hello Alex,

    Is it possible you have contextSwitchDeadlock ?

    Also this is a German speaking forum, in the future please post in German, thank you :)

    Have a nice day,


    Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013 08:31
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