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  • Our company typically sends out an e-newsletter using Quick Campaign to all the contacts in our Marketing List through email via mail merge every several month. In our past campaigns, the merge goes off without problem. But, on our several last mailing, we experienced several strange issues.

    - first, Right after starting a merge to 1000 individual contacts, Word 'completed' its activities (dialog boxes showed up in Word on completion, and no activities were tracked in CRM.) after sending out only 2 emails.
    - second, it stopped prematurely, but somehow created activities for the emails it had already sent but without link to unsubscribe in the email. After that, I compiled a marketing list that included only the contacts who had not been sent the email (again, the activities had been created in CRM). I then began a merge on this new list; after a minutes, it happen again, only 2 emails being sent out then dialog boxes showed up in Word on completion, and no activities were tracked in CRM.
    - On another occasion, the email sent to several contacts before finally stop prematurely and from the Quick Campaign number of success only listed 1 succeeded, while in the outlook sent item there were more than 1 email being sent out.

    Any idea what cause this and how to handle this?
    Thank you for any idea for this..

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