can i switch my msdn subscription in a personal tenant to another? RRS feed

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  • Hi i tried out some how to get msdn licenses from our personal accounts to work accounts or personal accounts what have not same upn as the work accounts what we are doing now.

    i could remove my work e-mail name from my personal account and setting another. after that my personal account had no msdn platform subscription anymore at

    long story short now my msdn sub is in my personal account but there is no free msdn stuff at i have another personal account now again with same upn as my work account registered there is my msdn stuff shown up again in the portal but the azure msdn subscription not moved to my personal account its still in that  is there a way to bring it back to my personal account? or to the work account?

    Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2019 16:07

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