Best Approach to work with database in a MEF based application


  • Hello,

    Im kinda new to the whole thing regarding MEF based Applications so heres a short overview of what I want to archive. My proof of concept app should be modular and working with a database, so I have two scenarios and Im not sure which one is the best way  to go. So may some of the expert can give me a direction  :-)

    general structure:

    - a DB dll with all the ORM suff for Linq

    - a Interface dll to expose functionallity to the plugin dlls , the db dll  and the host application

    - plugin dlls with functionality that needs access to the db

    - a Host app that basically loads all plugins 

    1st Scenario:

    The DB interface would be in the interface dll and the plugins would use the interface dll to utilize the db.

    2nd Scenario:

    The DB interface would be in the DB dll and the plugins talking to the db dll separately

    Like I said Im new to this kind of architecture so I hoe for some advice, and if Im totally wrong feel free to tell me :-D



    Donnerstag, 12. September 2013 08:01


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