Error TF400813 when I open a URL from a dashboard widget


  • So I programmed a dashboard widget for our TFS "15" RC2 and everything is working fine, expect one feature. Its a button which opens the course of a commit. So the button is like this:

    <button onclick="openURL()">Open course</button>

    and the function which is called:

    function openURL() {
        var win =, '_blank');

    Pretty simple stuff... But when i open the new Tab with the Button I get the Error:

    So actually i had here 2 Images of the problem, but since my account isn't verified and I don't have any clue how to do. I uploaded them and since I can't post links, i split them....... u need to combine them sry :/


    and this


    I don't know, I'm still logged in on this site and when I use the same URL and open a Tab manually it works absolutely fine.

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