Nuget Task is missing functionality


  • Hello,

    I'm currently using TFS 2018 on premises.

    When using the old nuget task, I was able to give the task a pattern to my *.csproj files and give certain nuget arguments like "suffix -beta".

    Thus the old task is marked as deprecated, I was trying to use the new nuget task. When I use the new nuget task and select the pack command, I'm still able to give a pattern for the *.csproj files, but I'm no longer able to add nuget arguments.

    So I tried to use the custom task. There, I'm able to add nuget arguments, but I can't enter a pattern to the .csproj files. So I would have to add a custom task per .csproj file to make it work.

    Is this supposed to work like this, or am I missing a point?

    Montag, 5. März 2018 10:41