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  • hello everyone,

     I am  having a problem with a sync error on CRM Dynamics 4, when trying to sync records to outlook.

      We have around 60 users who we have set up to sync. All of them apart from one i have setup successfully for syncronization between outlook and crm.

     The error message i get when i try and do a manual sync is :

    " an error has occured, try this action again, if the problem continues check the microsoft dynamics crm community or contact your microsoft dynamics crm administrator" 

    Here are some specs

    Outlook version i have tried on is 2003 and 2007 

     CRM is running upto rollup 9.

    exchange server is 2003

     the syncronising option is set correctly to : set this computer to be the syncrosing client.

     I have set this user up on another PC that is known to work with CRM syncing and i get the same error. And also the PC this person is using works for other users.

     I have run the CRM diagnostics and that has not helped

     I have also tried variations of  the actual type of record to sync in the crm options sync tab.eg just cleints, just phone calls, just letters.

    We attempted to reassign the records to a new user who does not have any records yet but we could not reassing them.  

    The user that has the problem has the same "role " as the other users that it works for

     any help will be much appriciated, i do have some log files from diagnositics but they are too long to post in this, i can email them to someone if that is a option.



    Freitag, 25. Juni 2010 03:03