Visio changes grid from 2mm to 2.5mm on zoom changes. This leads to incompatible drawings! RRS feed

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  • Since the first time I’ve started using Visio (metric) I’ve noticed, that lines that have been drawn on the grid with one zoom setting, do not necessarily have to remain on the grid in another zoom setting. And when I talk about off grid, I’m not talking about 0.5 grid steps which could be understandable, it’s rather something like 0.2 -0.3, so completely off grid. It seems that this happens when Visio changes step sizes from 0,2,4,8,10 to e.g. 0,5,10 during various zoom settings (see attached screenshots). It looks like as if visio changes the shown grid from 2mm size to 2.5mm which is completely unusable! So if one part of a bigger drawing is drawn in one zoom setting and the other part is drawn at another zoom setting they are not on the same grid, even if they are drawn on the same sheet! This leads to a lot of refactoring especially since there is no “Align to grid” option in visio (surprisingly there is one in the Visual Basic coming with Visio, used for drawing forms…)

    Recently I’ve figured out that this off grid behavior is not the case if US units are used, so I consider this a bug for visio with the metric system only.

    Interestingly every technician I’ve ever talked about drawing with Visio knows about this behavior. And for many this is “the reason” why they avoid using visio and some of them have even switched back to drawing in PowerPoint instead…

    I hope this will be fixed!

    Regards Markus

    (Screenshot to come as soon as account is verified...)

    Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013 17:47