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  • Hallo zusammen,
    gerne möchte ich hier in regelmäßigen Abständen über den aktuellen Fortschritt und Neuigkeiten rund um die hier benutzte Foren-Plattform berichten.
    Diese Ankündigungen beinhalten sowohl Hinweise auf korrigierte Bugs (Fehler) sowie neue Funktionen.
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    Release: 4
    Datum: 25. Juni 2009

    • In an effort to get users more involved in highlighting helpful posts we have moved the voting input user interface control into the left column of each post. We also gave it a different "up voting" visual treatment. The team will be monitoring the usage of the voting in the coming months to see if it is being used more. We want it used more so we can offer more alternatives to surface content the community has decided is helpful.
    • June introduced a few changes to the default thread view. There were two basic changes:
      • ordering posted by vote counts and removing redundant answered posts from the all replies" section of the thread. Since introducing these minor changes many key community contributors have advised us to change it back to preserve the date time layout of the "all replies" list of posts. It is too difficult to follow the flow of a conversation that let to the answers without the posts in their date time order. The team is evaluating a change to restore this useful aspect of the thread ordering. We are also looking at some changes to the voting user interface to make it more obvious and discoverable, in addition to the change in location. The ordering and voting updates do not have dates for going live yet. They will not be in the June 9th update but will likely be deployed soon after that.
    • Prior to the June release clicking a user name took the user to a page showing the users forums contribution totals (numbers of posts, answers, etc) with links to their threads. We also included a link to the profile page if the user wanted to view others or edit their own profile. June changed this to put the forums contribution date into the profile itself, centralizing the data with the profile and removing redundancy across the two pages (forums contributions and profile).
    • Updates to badges to only show badges you have earned and not disabled looking badges you have not. The goal was to show less clutter in the user interface while still recognizing user’s contributions.
    • A bug was addressed to ensure moved and merged thread urls end up redirecting to their proper location. The team also resolved some thread subject encoding issues in the application to correctly render special characters.


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