VPN Routing inside of a Virtual Network


  • Hi all,

    we have several different locations in several countries of Europe and plan to move servers from our data centers to Azure IaaS.
    To be able to to so we need to integrate the Virtual Network at Azure into our IPSEC based VPN infrastructure.

    Using the provided gateway functionallity does not really solve the problem because currently you can only connect one local network and we cannot route all traffic through a single location.

    Therefore we've installed a Ubuntu bases IPSEC server in a Virtual Network using StrongSwan and connected this machine with our local networks.
    This worked well and the VPNs run stable and fast.

    But then we figured out that the Virtual Network seems to deny internal routing.
    All machines inside a Virtual Network can communicate with each other but every traffic that goes from A to B with C as target is blocked.
    (A is located in Virtual Network, B is the VPN gateway inside the Virtual Network, C is located in local network)

    We've added the necessary routes at A but the traffic does not arrive ad B.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Best regards,


    Samstag, 16. März 2013 12:20

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