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  • Hi,

    I just have a crashed TFS. All attempts to get it running fails. So I decide to setup a new instance (on a virtual machine) to avoid problems in the future.

    Now I try to remap all my local files/dirs. But this doesnt't work, I always get the message ... there exists a mapping to <old instance blablabla> .. Super.

    Have I to buy a new laptop to make new mappings? Its really a nightmate using TFS.

    So, is it possible to map my file structure to the new instance of TFS and add all items or is this principially farbidden and, if TFS changes we have to change all our development machines?

    I make a copy of the file structure under a different path (=name) and try to start out from a new directory structure, but with the same names, no chance.

    Why do you not change the names, yeah, because I will lost all the nice littel references of my projects.

    With best regards



    Montag, 1. August 2011 11:28