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  • Hello I use VS2017 and private gitlab installation to save my projects and work at home and at the office.

    I also work together with a friend on a different project where we use TFS, we can change the same sourcefiles and TFS perfectly merge our changes when we "push/pull" when there are conflicts VS presents a split window where we can easily solve the conflicts.

    Now I want to use GIT for that project, too. I created another project on my gitlab, clone it have local repos on his and my PC. I can now commit my changes, and push at to the server, but when my friend pull it and we changed the same source VS says we can not pull, because of the changes in the same file. Why VS/GIT did'nt merge that changes ? As long as we only change different files everything work as expected but not if we change the same file (on different places, so there should'nt be conflicts)

    Can anybody help to me make GIT merging file changes like TFS did ?   

    Freitag, 12. April 2019 08:41


  • I think a got the solution by myself, when git says that it cant pull because of local changes of the file, i just commit this file to my local repo only, without to push it to the server, then I try pull again, then GIT merges also the single file that is changed. Just a little more harder than TFS but it is because the GIT must have a local repo too. 
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