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  • Dear Community,

    I'm Tired of looking Online for a Solution about my Database.

    I had an Idea to create a C# Application with a Database to Sell my Application and Control Accounts if anybody Break the Rules

    i can easly Lock his Account with the SQL Server. I have a XenForo Forum and have Access to the Database and PHPMyAdmin.

    I Created a Table called 'Serials' to put in there some Random Letters. No Problem! Now i want to Connect the Forum with my Application to Load the Table 'Serials' so User start Logging with the Serial. I tried everything

    *Downloaded Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

    i tried Connect my Database with mySQL but everytime i get so much Errors like: Login failed for user ''. or Invalid Network Path, I puted in localhost, uid, pwd, port and the Database name but no Luck.

    How i can Connect my Forum with my Application so i can start Control other users?

    Thank You!

    Freitag, 26. Januar 2018 06:08


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