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  • We've just installed a clean installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and want to integrate it with Outlook 2010. We've installed the KB2028381 Client for Outlook, which installs succesfully but with a note that the web.config file couldn't be made/altered and that we have to do it manually. 

    Microsoft Support (got there by following the link in the installers-error-message), leads me to "myserver\inetpub\wwwroot" but the "wwwroot" folder doesn't exist.


    When I start the configuration-function in Outlook, I choose "My company" and enter the intranet address on which I can open the site in Internet Explorer. ("http://myserver:5555"). The wizard returns the following error: "No organization was specified in the configuration file."

    When I enter the url in Internet Explorer, I get to the page, and in the addressbar a subdomain gets added: "http://myserver:5555/subdomain/loader.aspx" (subdomain is my company name, same as the profile in CRM), so I start the configuration wizard in Outlook 2010 again and enter "http://myserver:5555/subdomain" (also tried it with /loader.aspx). Now I don't get the "No organization" error, but: "Mandatory updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM could not be applied successfully. Try running the application again."

    Does anyone knows how to finish the wizard succesfully?

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