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  • I have 2 tables that I am migrating over to a CRM customer.  At present I am using the Data Migration Manger for CRM Online.  The problem that I am encountering is that the 2 files (Account and Contact) refer back to each other.  Account has a Primary Contact field that refers to the Entity Contact  and Contact has a Parent Customer that refers to the Entity Account.  Both of these fields have data in them and from a true data perspective both fields match up correctly. When I try to migrate them over to the live database I receive an error message stating that the lookup could not find the requested record.  My guess is that no matter what the sequence is in migrating the 2 files, one file must go first in the migration sequence, therefore it will not find the requested Account or Contact.  I can omit one of the fields i.e. Parent Customer and the migration will work fine.  But there needs to be a second step of writing an SQL that will populate the Parent Customer on the Contact table.

    Has anyone experienced this before and what were your solutions?   I used both the DMM for CRM online and the Data Migration Wizard and both react the same in this situation.  Is there something I am overlooking?  I mapped the Primary Contact field on the Account table to Full Name in the Contact table and I mapped the Parent Customer on the Contact file to the Account Name in the Account table

    Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010 19:17