MDS 2012 - No Message in ExternalAction queue


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    I am using SQL Server 2012 MDS (SP1 CU4) environment. I have two environments (DEV and UAT). Service Broker is enabled in both the environments and both have the same entities and rules. One of the rule is based on external action workflow (custom dll). When I make change to an entity member in DEV, it creates a message a message in the Service Broker queue. However, when I do the same thing in UAT, it doesn't create a new message in UAT environment. I do not see any error in the event log.

    Where should I look for any errors to get a clue on why the external action queue is not creating a message in UAT environment?

    Please advise.

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    Note: DEV is a single server vm. UAT environment comprises of two server vms. One of them is a database server and the other one is the integration server (integration server hosts the MDS Workflow Integration Service, MDS webapp running on IIS, SSIS packages to load the data into MDS database using MDS staging process)
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  • I discovered that UAT had an older version of the rule (Accidentally, the older version of MDS package got deployed to UAT) which required a certain field to be set to blank before the custom dll workflow rule is triggered. So, this is not an issue anymore.


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