Service broker not sending message from target database


  • Hello all,

    i am facing a problem kindly help. the db owner of db1 and db2 is same 'sa'. when i send message from db1 its good but when i send message from db2 it never reaches and says: "An exception occurred while enqueueing a message in the target queue. Error: 916, State: 3. The server principal "sa" is not able to access the database "db1" under the current security context."

    I also want to tell that i recently restore new back of db2. and i run following query on db2 as service broker was not enabling. ALTER DATABASE db2 SET  new broker.

    I also user this query ALTER AUTHORIZATION ON database:: db2 TO sa;
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  • Thanks to ALLAH, 

    The issue is resolved. Actually, in this situation u have to set 'trustworthy on ' on both databases.

    alter database db1 set trustworthy on

    alter database db2 set trustworthy on

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    Thanks for your sharing. Your post will help others have concern with these topics. Thanks for your effort again.

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