Win7 Step ahead or just nice fancy and colourful? A discussion...

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  • Hello all

    An OS should be the basis for working with data easily and in an efficent way. Fancy Music Sharing via WWW? I dont care. How about you?
    My Pro and Cons having tested Win7 RC 64bit for a while on a Laptop working quite often remotly on a company server (Win2003)...

    faster at boottime - nice
    quite stable - nice but XP is too
    little fancy windows animation, docking, aero stuff, nice but only little speeding up of everyday work
    offline files: connecting more reliable and faster - VERY GOOD (was quite annoing with vista)

    Offline Files: why is all open/close done unbuffered online (I would expect a smart way to look if the file has to be loaded from the server or if it´d be faster to use an existing offline copy, then after closing the file syncing if something has changed)
    Offline Files: why is EVERY transaction fully transmitted? I mean coping or moving one remote folder into another remote folder does not have to block my online connection? See FTP protocol - works for ages here!

    Batch Renaming - where is it?

    Data handling:
    No one seems to bother that all in all it´s the same for AGES now. Why cant I have my own collumn in the explorer? Or colour my Folders like in MacOS (XP user see IColorFolder Freeware!). Or why not having possibilities like "in an given Excel Entries namend like files in folder can be set to correspond with them; if then in e.g. the next column a specific entry is made the corresponding file in explorer gets maybe coloured." Imagine what a HUGE TIMESAVER that would be with minimized errors (doing similar stuff by hand)

    The bottom line is: Please make working faster. Not but more CPU horsepower or transparent windows but by inventing smart ideas. I´d rather not have the little gadets like sidebar, media sharing etc...


    Donnerstag, 20. August 2009 09:24

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  • My 2 cents:

    • Quick Launch Icons are accessible through shortcut keys (e.g. <FLAG>+<T> - <First letter of Link name >)
    • Connecting to Wi-Fi networks has become more streamlined and easy.

    • Still impaired keyboard support (started with Vista):
      • File Open/Save dialogs don't provide keyboard shortcuts for creating new folders.
      • The Split bar can not be moved by keyboard shortcuts.
    • While in earlier versions of Windows all personal files had been stored in sub folders of "My Documents", now all predefined personal file folders are stored directly into the user's personal folder. This makes taking backups and moving all personal files to a separate disk VERY cumbersome.
    • Still Windows Explorer starts having the focus set into the ListView panel (started with Vista). It's always an unnecessary <SHIFT>+<TAB> to get the focus to the TreeView. No one EVER will need to do anything in the default startup location!
    • The Windows Explorer TreeView doesn't scroll horizontally. Following a couple of folders in the TreeView using the keyboard cursor keys get's you lost in invisibility
    • Too much space left between Quick Launch and System Tray icons. An unnecessary waste of space.

    One more idea comes to my mind when I read about batch renaming:

    When copying a number of files, Windows copies them one after the other if the user has selected them all and drags them to the target. But what if you want to add some files to the copy operation? Windows then starts a second, parallel, copy - slowing down the whole process significantly!! Why doesn't Windows just add the new files to the first copy operation window and why doesn't it then just copy the new files after the copy process of the first batch has finished? It would do the same thing if the user would have selected them all right at the first place.

    So: Please create a copy queue for the copy/move process having new files simply being added to, so the copy process will not be struck down by two simultaneous copy processes interrupting each other.

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    Donnerstag, 20. August 2009 11:56
  • It´s odd. Most of the things I need for streamline my work with files is done by thirdparty (mostly) freeware. Highlight often used folders, Batchrename, Explorer view showing size of folders at a glance, secure delete or copy, mass copy with cues, setting user defined metadata... Almost EVERYTHING I need to speed up the handling of data is NOT from Microsoft. I thought an OS is exactly built for this purpose giving me a way to handle data. In my local net as well as working remotely.
    Donnerstag, 20. August 2009 19:57
  • Yes, right, altough I believe Windows Explorer and the GUI shell in general are not belonging to the OS. They are just packaged with the OS, like KDE on Linux. Yet, the GUI front-end is the main perception area of the Windows OS.

    Some more bad:

    • Can't tell quickly which window is the active window if Windows Aero is turned on. The only cue is the read closing button in the right upper corner of a window, which is rather invisible for the eye's corner if a reddish background is active (having, e.g., background scheme "Landscapes" activated). The active window should be much more easily to identify without losing focus on what you're working on.
    Freitag, 28. August 2009 12:32