Create Default Work Item which is assigned to a Group RRS feed

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    I am working on my own process template. I've created a new group called "Requirement Engineers". In my Work Item (WI) I allow the following values for the "Assigned To" field:


    [project]\Requirement Engineers


    I checked "Expand Items" and unchecked "Exclude Groups" and removed the "VALIDUSER" rule. So in the "Assigned To" dropdown list I can see the members of the groups, the groups themselves and the triage entry. When I create a new WI after project creation, I can assign a group to a WI. So far so good.

    Now I added a Default Work Item (DWI) to my template. I entered in the "Assigned To" field of the DWI the group "[project]\Requirement Engineers". After I uploaded the process template successfully to the TFS, I create a new team project. But the creation process quits with the following error message:

    Module: Work Item Tracking
    Event Description: TF26214: Cannot save the work item. Fields with errors: Assigned To
    Exception Message: TF237086: The work item cannot be saved because at least one field contains a value that is not allowed. (type ValidationException)

    Has anyone an idea what I am doing wrong? I can't understand, why I can assign groups to a WI after project creation, but before, within a DWI, I can't.


    Freitag, 19. November 2010 14:02