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  • Hi,

    i think n:n is not useable, cause if i use n:n, i cant show the related records in views. with 1:n it is possible. why could it be like this:

    If it is n:n show in views the related records as coma-separated values? If i have a house and i will show the owner of the house in a view, i need to use 1:n.

    But what if there is more than 1 owner? I cant use n:n, even if i need it, because of the missing information in the view.

    Our customers rightly say .. hey where can i see the owner(s) of the house in the view?

    The same problem is, that i cant use n:n in advanced find and unfortunately not in mail merge, what is also a big problem.

    Freitag, 1. März 2013 10:40

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