CrmService.Execute(update) returns "Server was unable to process request." error RRS feed

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  • Greetings,

    I want to update a dynamic entity using CrmService.Update method.
    When I trigger the Execute method, I get the following error "Server was unable to process request".
    I called this method in the following code:

             foreach(BusinessEntity be in activities.BusinessEntities)

                        DynamicEntity dyn = (DynamicEntity)be;
                        dyn.Properties["subject"] = "ABC";
                        // Create the target object for the request.
                        TargetUpdateDynamic target = new TargetUpdateDynamic();

                        // Set the properties of the target object.
                        target.Entity = dyn;

                        // Create the request object.
                        UpdateRequest update = new UpdateRequest();

                        // Set the properties of the request object.
                        update.Target = target;

                        // Execute the request.
                        UpdateResponse updated = (UpdateResponse)service.Execute(update);                



    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
    Best Regards,
    Maroun Hbayter

    Dienstag, 31. August 2010 18:07


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