[solved]ConfigSettings, +C.Metadata suddenly deleted from MSCRM_CONFIG RRS feed

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  • Hallo,

    after a Restore of a prepared CRM2011-DB on the SQL-Server 2008R2 which also hosted the original MSCRM-DB (to be substituted) I could no longer open the Deployment Manager.

    Until I noticed - after comparing the DB with the one from another test system with MSCRM 2011 - that suddenly in the MSCRM_CONFIG the following tables were missing:
    dbo.ConfigSettings, dbo.ConfigSettingsProperties, dbo.ConfigurationMetadata

    Somehow they got deleted. Which action could possibly cause this? 
    Actually, the Restore just created an additional database, leaving the old MSCRM2011 database fully intact.
    How can it be that suddenly the three config files were deleted from the MSCREM_CONFIG database?
    Thank you for any input and hints.
    And what can I do now?

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    Yesterday we had the substitute MSCRM-DB created by the central IT staff thru a Restore.
    As it turns out they did the Restore twice, once for the MSCRM-DB and once for the MSCRM_CONFIG.
    So I hope all we have to do is to restore the former MSCRM_CONFIG from Backup.
    Anyway I was searching frantically (registry, files, etc.)  for the Strings ConfigSettings and ConfigurationMetadata and at least now I now that these are tables within the MSCRM_CONFIG.
    I did even check the tables in the MSCRM_CONFIG but by no means did I suspect that this database could possibly be overwritten or that just these 3 tables somehow got deleted.
    I recognized that after comparing with another MSCRM_CONFIG on a test system.


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