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  • Hello,
    thanks in advance for suggestion.
    We are setting up the IFD environment...

    the scenario is the following:
    - we have setup the IFD and we are able to reach the singin.aspx page from external access.

    1) we have the external url that is: _https_:// (standard from the customer)

    2) we have the internal url that is __http_://organizationname.internaldomain.local
    3) we configured the DNS to map organizationname.internaldomain.local
    4) we configured the ISA server to redirect access from url 1) to url 2)

    the result is that we are able to access the signin.aspx page, but when we try to fill credential, the page simply tries to access crm and then it reload itself with empty access fields. trying other times, no access is done.

    we are able to access from the intranet using IFD. the intranet url is the __http_://organizationname.internaldomain.local

    IFD is configured with HTTP, and domains are configured with internaldomain.local.

    it is able to resolve the DNS

    my thinking are:
    reading the doc PUBLISH CRM 4 with ISA server:
    1) the name of the external link is not __http_://organizationname.internaldomain.local but is _https_:// so it's different from the example of the doc.

    2) i've seen the trace and says the error:
    "The ticket specified for the authentication is invalid", when try to query the db to retrieve the organization properties table (sorry, not sure the table is this, must maybe recheck the table that is triyng to access).

    have you got an idea ? just to point me before going down to a deep deep investigation that involves all the streams of the customer ?

    many thanks in advance for any help

    kind regards


    Montag, 5. Oktober 2009 21:56


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