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  • Hallo zusammen,
    gerne möchte ich hier in regelmäßigen Abständen über den aktuellen Fortschritt und Neuigkeiten rund um die hier benutzte Foren-Plattform berichten.
    Diese Ankündigungen beinhalten sowohl Hinweise auf korrigierte Bugs (Fehler) sowie neue Funktionen.
    Der einfacheren und schnelleren Kommunikation wegen, ist er Inhalt dieses Postings in englischer Sprache. Für Rückfragen sowie Verständnisfragen stehen wir jederzeit zur Verfügung.

    Für generelle Fragen zur Benutzung des Forums stehen die offiziellen FAQ zur Verfügung: Benötigen Sie Hilfe zu den Foren? (Häufig gestellte Fragen)

    Viele Grüße Kay
    im Namen des gesamten MSDN Forum-Teams

    Release: 7
    Datum: 01. Oktober 2009

    New Features

    • Code Formatting Support for C++: Code formatting now includes support for C++ language.


    Error Logging and Reporting Enhancements
    We have done some internal work to integrate some error handling libraries to help us more quickly address 500s and other errors some of our users have reported. We will have more accessibility into the error text being logged on the back end which should lead to a more reliable application later.

    MSDN Specific "New Thread" log in text
    MSDN Users asking questions when not logged in will see some additional useful information when posting explaining there are some related useful external sites and resources to get help. Prior to this change we simply showed users a link to sign in. The new text and links explains there are asp.net and other sites available, provides links and also explains to users they need both a live id and profile to participate.   
    New Locale Support (fi-fi, en-ie, en-sg, de-ch, fr-ch)
    Have added some support for a new locales. These will come online sometime in the coming weeks and months depending on the internal resources to create and maintain forums in these newly supported locales.

    What about the Bridge?
    Users of the offline client NNTP Bridge beta will have to wait a few more weeks for an update. We simply have not been able to make enough progress on the really important bugs we think were blocking and did not want to make an update available just for the sake of making an update available. We want to address the blocking bugs and this will take a little more time.

    Bug Fixes

    • Forums: Top Answerers Users Missing
    • Locale: List of Categories are not displayed in the forums category list box if there are no forums specific to that locale
    • Feed RSS : Thread title is not a hyperlink in RSS result page
    • Arrive word is misspelled in My Settings page
    • Text "You cannot vote again or vote on your own post" should be changed based on user signed in or not.
    • RSS: Feeds are generated for Private forums as well
    • Forums:  404s thrown from MyThreads, My Forums Threads and other multi brand views (pages and RSS)
    • Wrong Locales appearing in the Masthead locale dropdown
    • SR# 2-2914967297 : Forums:: Bug in forum eyebrow for Answers.
    • Forums: Default syndication urls to =rss instead of =atom
    • Forums: Wrong category in eyebrow
    • Updates to ensure the application at least functions on the mobile pocket IE.
    • Ensuring forum threads are only viewable in their intended brand/locales
    • Locale : Leaderboards failing for all of the new locales except Fi-Fi
    • Web.Config: The new locales should be enabled for forums and all other apps
    • Locale: HelpFile is not localized for new locales (fi-fi, de-ch, fr-ch)
    • tooltip (answers brand specific) message should be different for join a question
    • Locale: This user has not yet visited or participated in forums is not localized
    • Private search page:: Clicking on display name on Private search result page doesn’t redirect to profile page
    • Message View::Voting icon and text in the message for thread are close (i.e. don't have space)
    • Ask your question: (answers brand specific) Watermark does not disappear if user clicks on the ordered list button
    • A lot of German Localization bugs wrong strings in a lot of places
    • Locale: "Partner" key word is localized in fi-fi locale. Partner key word (used for affiliation) should not be localized
    • Locale: Tooltip is not localized for the text "You cannot vote again"
    • SR# 2-2784225228 : Forums:: Broken forum post. Illegal characters.
    • Forums: Voting ux region is too narrow
    • Forums: Search term not found
    • Forums: (answers brand specific) Join a question need singular versions: "1 persons" doesn't sound good
    • Forums: (answers brand specific) Locked thread allows users to join a question


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