[c#] Panel Hover, Animation and Width RRS feed

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  • hey guys!

    If you have reccognized, im completely new in this forum, so be patient with me and tell me if

    im doing something wrong! Thank you =)

    So here is my problem. Imagne a window with some pictureboxes and funktions, on the right side, is a 20px broad panel with the height of the programms height, the panel touches the right border of my programm.

    Now i want following, if i hover this panel it should pop a little bit out, like 40 px. If i click that panel, or drag that panel, it schould get the width of the programm, in that meaning my pictureboxes and functions should not be seen anymore.

    I have tried it with my logic to code that funktion but i even cant really start, because im carring the logic of html, and that not working.

    Please tell me if you need more informations etc.

    Thank you

    Greets Niko

    Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012 07:00


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