Use webcam in a backgroundtask, triggered by raw push notification RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I try to take a picture remotely from a webserver.

    Therefor i wrote a Windows store app, which initializes the webcam on the first start to get the permission from the user to use the webcam. 

    I also wrote a task, which creates a .jpeg file in the pictures library, takes a photo through the webcam and saves it in the .jpeg file.

    When i run the app and then trigger the task by sending a raw push notification through my webserver, the background task makes a photo and saves it correctly. But when i close the app and then send a raw push notification, he creates the file, but does not takes a picture. The background task stopps and throws no exception. I already thougth about the cpu usage limitation of background tasks. The app is added on the lockscreen and should get 2sec every 15min. But even after 15min nothing happens.

    So my question is, isn't it possible to access the webcam through a background task if the app is closed?

    Thanks in advance,


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