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  • Hello,

    is it possible to get the RGB-code of the Backgroundcolor of the SmartArtNodes?

    Thats the code, but it does not work:

    Office.SmartArtNodes allNodes = smartArt.SmartArt.AllNodes; foreach (Office.SmartArtNode node in allNodes) { string text = ""; if (node.TextFrame2.HasText == Office.MsoTriState.msoTrue) { text = GetMainPointDesc(); System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(node.TextFrame2.TextRange.Text); System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(node.Shapes.BackgroundStyle); //good to get single- or mixBackgoundcolor




    "node.Shapes.Fill.BackColor.RGB" it only works when i use the SmartArtSubcategory "list", but not when i use the subcategory "prozess".

    Have anyone an idea???

    Montag, 4. Januar 2016 13:13

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