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  • Hi there,
    we are wanting to add a new tab on the Contact Entity Form, and we want to carry over or add fields with some of the information that is already on the main (General Tab) like First Name, Last Name etc, but when going to add those fields to the new Tab, they are not available.

    The only one that is the same and still available is Salutation.

    The reason for us wanting the same information on another tab is to streamiline data input for a particular area of the business and putting all the fields for that part of the business on 1 Tab so the Data Input People for that area do not have to flick through several tabs to input data that making any sense?

    Thanks and kind regards
    Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010 19:51


  • take a look at my answer at crm forum
    Gruß Carsten Groth
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