Auto-delete service bus subscriptions on idle RRS feed

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  • Hi, we are using (on-premise) Windows Service Bus as a messaging channel (publisher/subscriber model) for our applications and services.
    There's one specific scenario i would like to describe here since so far we couldn't find a solution to the following:

    1. We have multiple topics and multiple subscriptions set on each topic
    2. Messages are published synchronously to all the topics (aproximately 1000 messages per second with the average size of about 250 bytes per message) 
    3. We are keeping messages alive only for a short periods of time by setting DefaultMessageTimeToLive on each subscription
    4. If one application disconnects, we want to auto-delete its subscription after awhile and reinitialize it when the application is started next time

    It is the Part 4 that is giving us troubles.
    Setting AutoDeleteOnIdle on a subscription doesn't seem to work. 

    Any help would be highly appreciated!
    Donnerstag, 19. September 2013 08:57