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  • Hi,

    I have first installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with C++ and then tried to install Intel Visual Fortran 9.1 Professional with Integration to VS.
    From other versions I am used to start a new blank/"Hello world" project and workspace now by starting VS, clicking "new project", select "project type" - "Intel Fortran Project(s)" and "Console application", click OK and that´s it.

    But in this case, after clicking OK a message window opens with "Internet - explorer script error" and something like error in line 295, "expected object", url:"file:///C:/Programme/Microsoft%20Visual%20Studio%208/Intel%20Fortran/VFWizards/VFConWiz/HTML/1033/default.htm" (I hope translation from German is correct). If I choose continue anyway, a strange grey window opens where I can click "Finish fom any window to accept the current settings" but nothing happens after this except a new error from line 351 and URL:"file:///C:/Programme/Microsoft%20Visual%20Studio%208/Intel%20Fortran/VFWizards/VFConWiz/HTML/1033/default.htm".

    Any ideas?

    Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009 11:20


  • Hi,
    after I´ve set the language settings of VS from "same like Windows" to English, the problem was solved.
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    Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009 16:52

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