windows media player 11 error code cood10BA comes up saying that media player can't find the file


  • i have had media player 11 before when i used xp service pack 3 home  edition, now i have reformatted and now am using xp pro-service pack 3, any way this time windows media player is it seems acting very wierd.i use a file sharing program called "soulseek",its a freeware file sharing program.anyway i have a extra 38 gig hard drive added on to my computer to accept the songs i download from soulseek, then i have been copying each music file to "my music folder " so i have ended up with 3 copies of each song , 1 in the "my music folder"---1 in the e drive where my extra hard drive is for receiving downloaded songs from soul seek and also 1 on the media player, i have thought that 3 copies is a bit much , but i did not know a better way, the media player can't find files on the music i either already have at times or many times when i first "open with the media player"and try to add the song to the media player.The error code i listed is just one of two i have seen so far.need guidance and actual help to find out if i 'm causing the player to act this way or is it lacking files , if so where do i get them at? microsoft isn't making the error codes available that i have been able to locate/


    Dienstag, 23. August 2011 22:37

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