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  • Hello everyone!

    We are currently creating the security concept for a customer that plans to use SSAS 2012 Multidimensional as the backend for their BI-solution. However they have complex requirements regarding security.

    Certain managers (such as the head of purchase) should be allowed to provide users access to all purchase-related cubes.

    We thought about developing a simple solution by using powersheel where those Managers would see a list of all users and of all cubes that belong to their area. That program would then assign the users to those cubes.

    We are however unsure if and how it is possible in SSAS to provide the managers access to those DDL-Actions (adding or removing Access to certain users - but only for cubes that belong to their area). Could anyone help? Any ideas would be appreciated!

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    Sonntag, 21. April 2013 12:12


  • Hello Julian,

    Because this is a German spoken Forum, I am going to answer in German; if this is a Problem for you, please give a Brief reply.

    Nun, in PowerShell kannst Du .NET Assemblies verwenden und somit auch AMO = "Analysis Management Object", mit dem Du objektorientiert auf die SSAS Datenbanken und Cubes zugreifen und auch modilieren kannst; es erspart Dir die XML/A Nachrichten selbst aufbereiten zu müssen.

    Siehe Entwickeln mit Analysis Management Objects (AMO) und den Folgelinks.

    Für konkretere Beispiele wären konkrete Anwendungsfälle / Vorgaben nötig.

    Olaf Helper

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