External Login with Microsoft Account on intune managed devices fails RRS feed

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  • We are getting this Error Title "you can't get there from here" in a webView used for MSA login in a Xamarin iOS app. We are using external login into a ASP.NET WebApi redirecting to the webApi itself.

    The detailed error text is as follows: "You cannot access the resource from this browser on your device. You must use safari or intune managed browser"

    The login works for all accounts; personal and work accounts. But the accounts we have problems with, seems to be some kind of restricted work accounts.

    We are using UIKit.UIWebView.

    Can someone give a hint on what is going wrong here?

    Is that a policy problem that can only be solved on account administration side?

    Do we miss something in our app/webApi configuration?

    Is there an embeddable webView control for iOS that supports that kind of account restrictions?

    Many thanks for your help!

    references to a Stackoverflow Post
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