Recording a Macro to automate an Integration Manager script


  • I did the following:

    I am using Great Plains 9.0 version. 
    I need to automate running an integration script to create a financial batch.
    1. Created a batch file to open the integration manager and run a specific script.
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\Integration Manager\IMRun.exe" /I "Calfrac Job Trx Integration - CWSHOSQLTEST1" /S
    2.  Created a shortcut pointing to this batch file on the Navigator pane within Great Plains.
    3.  Clicked on the shortcut and it automatically launches Integration Manager and picks the right script to run and opens a "Select File to Integrate from" window to select the file when I do manually.  However, When I try to record clicking this shortcut using a macro, the macro is not recording this event.

    My questions are:
    1.  Can Dynamics macro recording record this event?
    2.  Is it possible to pass the name and path of the file as a parameter to an integration script?

    It is very frustrating, because the macro is not able to record the event of running IM and selecting the script, I am not able to achieve what I want.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you very much in advance for your time and help.

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  • HI,

    you are here in the german Dynamics CRM Forum. You msu go to the GP Forum here:
    Viele Grüße

    Michael Sulz
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    Freitag, 10. Juli 2009 08:28
  • Thanks a bunch for letting me know.  I did not realize that I am posting here.
    Freitag, 10. Juli 2009 14:51
  • I am not sure why it is going to German site.  I am going through the normal process.
    1.  I open the gp forum
    2.  Ask a question
    3.  Type the title and body of my question.
    4.  Select Dynamics from the drop down
    5.  Select Microsoft CRM because there is no option as GP (Great Plains).
    6.  Alert me when I get a reply

    It is automatically going to german as I can see in the http link in the address bar.

    Freitag, 10. Juli 2009 15:36
  • Ok.  I gave a hot key as SHIFT+F3 and the macro could record the event.  I answered my question. Hopefully this will be useful for anybody else.
    Thank you
    Freitag, 10. Juli 2009 18:12