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    Release: 1
    Datum: 27 März 2009


    • Forums 4 (the March release) was a complete rewrite of the user interface. The goals were mostly focused on performance, but most other areas of the user interface were re evaluated as they were rewritten.


    • Vast Performance and responsiveness improvements, in some cases increases up to 50%. Most pages improved around 25% or so
    • Fixes for globalization Issues, longer strings in many languages would simply break the user interface
    • Updates to Top Answerers lists showing the number of answers contributed in the last 30 days
    • Enabling moderator features such as “Mark as Answer” in thread preview
    • New lighter weight editor
      Entire threads shown in thread preview
      Visual queue for incoming live updated threads
    • Question and Answer pairing display in thread view
    • Moved My Links to right rail bringing content higher in the screen
    • Enable unauthenticated page views to increment the thread view counts
    • More visible Helpful Voting user interface
      New treatment for most icons
    • Fixes for some edge cases for My Threads list of threads
    • Fix to enable category scoped searching, searching from a single category page
    • User feedback for events that take time (posting, expanding a thread for preview)
    • Ability to select category listed forums for move thread
    • Fixes for some users inability to subscribe to live alerts

    New Features

    • New “My Settings” page displaying participation  and additional preferences
      Ability to disable tag clouds, live updates
      In-line replies in thread views
    • Ability to save favorite forums to “My Forums”
    • Aggregate view of favorite “My Forum Threads”

    Other Changes

    • Page Based Moderator Tasks -  moved from previous “sliding div” to their own pages
    • Dialog Based Moderator Features  - simple alert dialogs for sticky and delete actions
    • Thread and Flat View is now a My Settings preference (user setting), not a forum setting
    • Queuing implementation for some thread moderator actions, thread locked while queue in process

    Deprecated Features

    • Removed filters on thread page
    • Persisting expand collapse state of category pages is not yet implemented
    • Auto updates on category and thread pages


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