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  • Hello everybody.

    I have a bit of a problem with one of my CRM 4.0 users.

    The thing is, that my user can't track e-mail messages in CRM for Outlook. Whenever she hits the track in CRM button it says Unable to promote this item to CRM. Also one weird thing that is happening is that there is no syncrhonization tab in options, so I can't check if that computer is the primary synchronization client. I simply can't see it. When I hit Syhnchronize with CRM in CRM OPTIONS in Outlook it just ignores me. I'm gettting desparate here I event went so far as to reinstall her computer, worked for a day and now it's the same.

    When I go to the Event Wiever i get the error:


    Microsoft CRM had a problem accessing the Microsoft Outlook application window.  Restart Microsoft Outlook and try again. HR=0x80004002. Context=. Function=CUIUtil::EnableCRM. Line=1320.

    Or line 186 it depends what am I trying to do.


    Anyone had a similar problem?


    Thank you for your time and answers.

    Donnerstag, 29. April 2010 07:36


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  • OK, let's work this through in small steps.


    - This happens only with this one user and this one computer? Did she try doing this on another computer? Is any other user having this kind of issue?

    - What is the difference between her user/computer and all others?

    - Are clients and server components on the same rollup-level?

    - Tell us more about your client- and server configuration

    - Did you run the Outlook Client Diagnostics?

    - Did you run the CrmDiagTool on the Server?

    Donnerstag, 29. April 2010 07:41
  • Ok,

    1. This happens only with this user. She used it on another computer briefly, but I have removed her account from that computer.

    2. There is no difference

    3. All clients are on the same rollup level

    Everything else is the same, I ran Outlook Client Diagnostics, I ran CRMDIag tool. In Outlook client it says there is a an error, that CRM Add-in might be disabled, but it's not, I click fix all, but still no help.


    Donnerstag, 29. April 2010 08:34
  • And I guess it didn't work when the user tried this on another computer, right?

    Are you sure she has the same security role?

    Well, the CRM Diagnostics seems to indicate a faulty installation. What error did it display exactly?

    Donnerstag, 29. April 2010 09:16
  • In diagnostics it says that Outlok might have disabled some CRM add-ins and there I click fix. but the CRm add-in works. I have reinstalled the CRM client back on the computer she used for a short time. There everything works normaly and I have removed the tick where it says Use this computer as a synchronizing client. But it's still weird that I can't see the synchronization tab on the computer that has problems. Now I will wait to see what happens, maybe it was a fluke and the server was looking for the client I have removed previously. I don't know.

    You know what also bothers me that when I reinstalled the computer it has worked normaly. today when she came back, it was the same problem.

    Donnerstag, 29. April 2010 09:27
  • Solved. Thank you anyway.


    When I ran the Diagnostic again it showed me that I recently used a different Outlook profile. This was probably a mixup with the moving of the Personal folders file, that our users use. I have deleted the profile and created a new one. Hopefuly this will work. Another solution can be found on this thread here .

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