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    A while ago I've created a offline install layout for VS2017 Professional (Version 15.5) - this is the base for a couple of dev-hosts at work.

    Now we want to upgrade to VS2017 - version 15.8 - so I've createad a 1:1 copy of the existing layout and ran 
        vs_Professional.exe --layout <path_to_layout> 
    which ran for a while and updated ?all? packages in the layout.

    doing a clean install with this updated layout does work well, however - when using this layout to update one of the hosts that have version 15.5 installed the update procedure fails with exit code "1".

    sidenote: VS actually states that it's now 15.8.4 - but it exits with an error code .. so ..?

    the command I use for install/update is
    (drop the "update" for the clean installation)

        vs_Professional.exe update --passive --norestart --wait --productkey $productKey --nocache --noUpdateInstaller --noWeb

    using collect.exe there is a state.errors.json file which states that a couple of packages are missing on the layout path...

    NOTE: I need to have all required packages available in the offline layout - because some of the PCs do not have internet access (despite we've got the requirement that those vs-setups need to be identical...)

    I've tried to reach out to Microsoft Support but didn't hear back from the till now. - anyone else having this issue / was able to solve it?

    Freitag, 21. September 2018 07:10

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  • Hi Manfred Wallner,

    Welcome to MSDN forum.

    I check up your reply from Stack Overflow. Are you follow @Sara Liu-MSFT’s suggestion to solve this error?  

    you said you update the layout is work well, only one of the hosts failed, so I recommend you could have a try with copying the latest version folder that is updated successfully to paste into the failed host to replace the old version folder. What’s more you could also use - -fix command to fix this error from Don’t forget keep internet connection.

    >> I need the possibility to choose between the old and the new version when doing a clean installed.

    >> how can I explicitly choose to install the old version once I've updated the layout?

    As far as I know, the old one will be covered by the new one after you perform the update command. Sorry for your inconvenience. If you want to use old version of VS, please check for How to create a layout for a previous Visual Studio 2017 release.

    BTW, if you have installed VS 15.8, you cannot install VS 15.4 with same edition on your computer.

    Best Regards,


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