VSPerfReport not loading Managed DLLs


  • Greetings

    I have a problem, i'm trying to run a profiler on my .NET Application, I am doing so through attaching the process.

    I am executing the following:

    VSPerfCmd /start:sample /output:path

    VSPerfCmd /attach:pid

    Then after a while...

    VSPerfCmd /detach

    VSPerfCmd /shutdown

    Now I want to pack the symbols into my output vsp files, so I am using VSPerfReport file.vsp /packsymbols /symbolpath:[path]

    However what I see that only my own unmanaged DLLs I have are trying to load when performing that, it's not even trying to load the managed ones (my own), it does load the .NET managed DLLs but not my own.

    Do I need to do something so my managed DLLs will be loaded too?



    • Upravený GilPeleg 8. března 2012 15:28
    8. března 2012 15:21


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