Lab management 11, team foundation server found the virtual machine in deleted state


  • Im trying to make an environment on lab center 11 using tfs 11 and SCVMM 2008 r2. When deploying the environment i get the error: "Team Foundation Server found the virtual machine in deleted state. The corresponding virtual machine at SCVMM server was deleted. Contact your system administrator."

    I have not enabled network isolation. I am trying to use clustered hosts (which i have been told will work in TFS 11). The drive the library is on has 400GB of free space and so it should have enough room for the 1 VM!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


    18. ledna 2012 9:52

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  • On another note; the SCVMM server is the same machine that is running the iSCSI for the cluster, and as such is not in the host cluster. Would the SCVMM machine have to be in the cluster for it to work?
    18. ledna 2012 11:43