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  • Hi All,

    I am new to programming, acyually this is my first class on Visual Basic.

    I get "Error while trying to run project" message.  It say there is a invalid

    assembly or codebase.  The code given is HRESULT:0x80131407.  Can any help?


    8. září 2011 3:17

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  • I can't give a complete answer, but the Windows SDK contains the header file CorError.h which says that 0x13 (in 0x8013) is FACILTY_URT, and the error code 0x14yy is for Security errors. Of course, that specific error is not declared, only 0x1400 - 0x1403. So, it's a security error. I don't know which access rights you don't have. Try running the IDE "as administrator" - but if that was the only problem, google would have given some results for 0x80131407.


    8. září 2011 11:51
  • Besides what Armin mentioned "Run VS as Administrator", you could also try:

    Right Click application name -> Properties -> Debug tab -> uncheck "Enable the Visual Studio hosting process" to see how.

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    12. září 2011 9:08
  • hi Everyone! im also a newbie in programming..sad to say i can only create designs and simple codes. i wanted to seek help from you guys coz i cannot pass my OJT if i cant create a simple program. the program is a simple data entry program.it has 3 forms in it.FORM1 for log in form FORM2 for data entry and FORM3 is for the Database.i know this is a simple program w/c can be done in excel but my prof wants it to be done in vb. for those who are interested to help me with this just reply to this and i can post the screen capture of my design with my desired functions for each controls..

    thanks a lot! Bless you All!

    9. března 2012 2:32