Cannot connect to local test controller


  • Hi

    I reopen this thread as I face the same issue:

    cannot connect to local test controller

    I have VS2008 and VS2010 installed on my PC. Now I installed a Test Controller on my system and a Test Agent on a remote system. The Test Agent properly connected to my Controller. However I can't connect from VS2010 to my local controller. If I go to Test -> Manage Test Controller and specify my local Controller (tried localhost as well as FQDN) VS2010 freezes...

    I started VS2010 with my user as well as administrator. I also didn't get any error messages during installation of Test Controller and I added all the users (administrator and myself) to the new controller-user-groups.

    Any ideas?

    • Upravený Dunken 16. dubna 2012 12:38
    16. dubna 2012 12:37


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