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  • I'm currently rewriting an application that uses the Dao interface to make it use the ADO interface.

    When opening a recordset with Dao, the DoFieldExchange void is executed.

    DoFieldExchange exchanges all membervariables with the data from the recordset.

    Here's an example...

    void CAbkzRecordset::DoFieldExchange(CDaoFieldExchange* pFX)
    	DFX_Text(pFX, _T("[Abkürzung]"), m_Abk_rzung);
    	DFX_Text(pFX, _T("[Bedeutung]"), m_Bedeutung);
    	DFX_Text(pFX, _T("[Kategorie]"), m_Kategorie);

    m_X are membervariables of the class.

    Abkürzung/Bedeutung/Kategorie are the column names of the table that is opened.

    Now, I want to do such dataexchange using ADO. However, when opening a recordset it does not automatically call a similiar event(I did try DoDataExchange void).

    Do you guys have any idea how to do such data exchange in ADO when opening a recordset?

    As further information, the table has 800K rows.

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