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  • Hi, the question is following, I'll try to be accurate. 

    My goal is to draw some 2D objects on the panel - no matter which object I'll use, I have not decided in this moment yet - and move them by the mouse. The objects would move over the another objects, depends on where the user would "drop" them.

    This is simple goal, but I need to eliminate flickering in the movement. User should not see any flickering.

    So I came with the idea that I'll save the background of the area under the moving object in every step of the motion. That allows me to restore ONLY the area below previous position if the user would move the object somewhere else. I think this should eliminate the flickering.

    But there are three questions - is this technique OK? / is this possible (saving the background bitmap)? / which object should I use?

    Remember, the background of the 2D object can be the panel or the another 2D graphical object.

    pondělí 16. července 2012 18:57

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