SqlSyncProvider - How to use datetime as tracking scheme as oppose to logical clock Timestamp


  • I notice that using Timestamp as a tracking schema would have some issues on database backup and restore that need to deal with.

    How do i use datetime as tracking scheme in the SqlSyncProvider ?
    If SqlSyncProvider  does not support datetime as tracking schema, any codes sample utilizing sync framework 2.0 which I can be referred on ?


    • Přesunutý Hengzhe Li 21. dubna 2011 7:40 (From:SyncFx - Microsoft Sync Framework Database Providers [ReadOnly])
    9. prosince 2009 2:57

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  • The benefit of SqlSyncProvider is that it dramatically reduces the efforts put in by the Sync solution writer.
    With that, the provisioning by SqlSyncProvider uses a pre-cooked tracking schema.

    If the tracking column type needs to be changed, that will require changing all the related tracking table, triggers, stored procedures etc.
    It's not entirely impossible with SqlSyncProvider. However, in that base, using DbSyncProvider would be a more natural option.

    We will look into the backup/restore problem and see what's root cause of the problem and how to address it.

    9. prosince 2009 20:05
  • I discussed this with colleagues.
    We are not recommending doing this even for DbSyncProvider.
    This scenario is also never tested by us.
    12. prosince 2009 1:06