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  • Dotaz

  • I am looking for some so called technical-bussines-like informations about C#, F#, J#.

    If C# is compiled from IL once at runtime to binary instructions and then this compiled code is reusable until program terminates is true the same for F# a J#?

    I mean if F# a J# use .NET CLR and JIT the same or similar way as C#.

    No matter if they does, does any other MS family language do it so? I think Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET, JScript .NET probably do.

    Are there some competition languages using the same principle (some IL compiled once at runtime to binary instructions dependently to code parts have been needed) except Java?

    I know that environment implementing CLI – Common Language Infrastructure (based on CLS – Common Language Specification) should run .NET C# app. Have ever some C# app been run at other then .NET runtime environment? Maybe in other words it will be more clear. Is there any other environment implementing CLR (Common Language Runtime) with JIT compilation?

    Also I have found some information ( that .NET Native has got less memory consumption then .NET. That is quite confusing for me because I though that JIT saves memory pages.

    Thanks for sharing you know-how, eventually.

    sobota 21. května 2016 19:20