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  • Dotaz

  • Hi, 

    I was anyone here who could help me separate the number from the street. 

    For example: "RIEGROVA 399";"Tulská 51", but street may also begin "6. KVĚTNA 481".

    output should be: one field: RIEGROVA,Tulská,6. KVĚTNA

    secend output: 399,51,481

    Thank you


    úterý 6. prosince 2016 10:00


  • Hi,

    you have to define what pattern you want to use for street/number recognition based on the sample inputs you have.

    You may try to use something like "anything what follows the last space in the input string"

    @Number = RIGHT(@Address, CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(@Address)) - 1)


    @Number = RIGHT(@Address, COALESCE(NULLIF(CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(@Address)), 0) - 1, 0))

    ...street is the rest ;-)

    Robert Haken, Microsoft MVP ASP.NET/IIS, HAVIT, s.r.o.,,

    neděle 27. srpna 2017 14:22