Cross-thread operation not valid


  • Hi everybody,

    I have been working in a large project using MRDS, aproximalety 40 services and counting :-), and I am having this problem:

    Previously, I developed my simulation project using Windows XP professional and MRDS 2008 R2. Now I am trying to make the same project to work using Windows Seven Professional an MRDS R4 and get the following error message when the scenario meshes are loading:

    "Cross-thread operation not valid: Control 'SimulatorUI' accessed from a thread other than the thread it was created on."

    and the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 shows me this error pointing to a line of the code where the SimulationEngine.ResourceCache.CreateMeshFromFile function is called. It looks something like this:

    VisualEntityMeshm =SimulationEngine.ResourceCache.CreateMeshFromFile(SimulationEngine.GlobalInstance.Device, Name);

    Can anybody give a hand of this? It is something that just surged today and never has happened to me before.

    Many thanks for your help,



    25. dubna 2012 14:08