Matrix Market


  • Hello there

    I want to know what is the best way to load a matrix market format matrix into Sho's DoubleArray?

    The matrix is pretty large (5,000 * 50,000) but however sparse.

    I tried reading the file line by line and indexing the DoubleArray but it takes almost 3 hours, is there a better way?


    Thanks in advance.

    17. ledna 2012 16:51


  • I use this on a 2 million by 10 million matrix with .6 billion nonzeroes

     this.shoSparse = new ShoNS.Array.SparseDoubleArray(filename, ShoNS.Array.SparseFileFormat.MM, true, ShoNS.Array.SparseStorageFormat.CSR);

    Takes about 20 minutes

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    13. února 2012 6:53