How do you get page hit counts for an Azure app?


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  • Why not just use Google 

    It's free and you would just simply need to add a file to the root of your solution. 

    -Ira Bell
    6 ianuarie 2012 19:35
  • Thanks for the tip. I tried it.

    Unfortunately this is a Silverlight 4 app running on Azure. Google Webmasters does not work. The Google methods for verifying domain name ownership fails in this case.

    Bill Glosser

    7 ianuarie 2012 18:09
  • Windows Azure currently does not provide any site usage matrix. After all, Windows Azure is not meant to be a web hosting provider. We can do much more than hosting web sites.

    I don't see how Google Webmasters (or similar services like Bing Webmaster) don't work in Windows Azure web roles. Those services do require domain verification. But you only need to do that once. So create a deployment with the file required by the webmaster tools, and verify the ownership. Then you can remove the deployment if you want.

    By the way, if your web role only contains a Silverlight application, it may not be a good candidate to run in Windows Azure. Silverlight applications run on the client, so you're not using the power of the cloud. Of course if the Silverlight application invokes services hosted in Windows Azure, that's another story.

    8 ianuarie 2012 14:35
  • Hi,

    We don’t need to deploy a Silverlight application during domain verification. For example, first deploy a simple application with a single HTML page which contains the meta code. After the validation is done, remove the deployment, and deploy your Silverlight application. The verification only needs to be done once. After that, even if you remove the meta code, it will continue to work fine.


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    Ming Xu.

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    16 ianuarie 2012 14:06
  • Hi ,

    You could use google analytics in your silverlight application. This link will be helpful.


    Google Analytics works perfectly on cloud.

    - Ranjit (If you found this post useful, Please "Mark as Answer" or "Vote as Helpful)

    1 martie 2012 19:02
  • OK. Many thanks to all...
    14 august 2012 14:47