Data sync service encountered refresh error.


  • im  trying to load data sync service but it is taking much time and refresh error occurs.

    An unexpected error occured while executing the operatiion.


    2 martie 2012 06:09

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  • you might want to post the exact error and the following so Microsoft can help trace it:

    Server id: Your server id

    Region: Where your Data Sync Server is located/created

    Time / Date: Date and time when you encountered the issue

    Tracing Id: The tracing id you see in the message in UI

    2 martie 2012 19:37
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  • am assuming you're having an error loading the Data Sync Portal itself? have you tried clearing your browser cache?

    6 martie 2012 10:27
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  • yes.refresh error occurs.i tried after clearing browser cache bt didn't help.
    7 martie 2012 05:52
  • Server id: 561148a1-7875-4d0b-a089-2402c6b2577d

    Region: SouthEast Asia

    Time / Date: 06/03/2012 03:05 pm

    Tracing Id: not given

    Message:An unexpected error occurred while executing the operation

    7 martie 2012 06:16